Succeed in becoming even more effective with the distance learning e-PEP® featuring e-learning and personalized support


The famous PEP® (or Personal Efficiency Program) has proved itself over more than three decades and over a million participants on every continent.

The standard PEP® is a training course that consists of very short seminars, combined with personalized support in the work environment. It is highly specific and adapted to suit the needs of each individual and team.

e-PEP® (e-learning solution)

Those who are unable to take part in a standard PEP® in their company can choose an individual solution designed for their needs: the distance learning PEP®.

For example:

  • If you’re the only person who’s interested in progressing

  • If you work within a small organization that cannot afford training

  • If you are highly isolated in your work

  • If you travel a lot


Distance learning e PEP® program

Overloaded? Stressed? Short of time?

  • Too many files waiting for you to deal with.

  • A mailbox that’s overflowing with new mails.

  • Meetings that stretch endlessly into the distance.

  • No room in your calendar to sit back and think.

  • Orders, opposing orders, and finally disorder!

  • Faced with customers, co-workers, or managers who are constantly assigning you with super-urgent jobs? Are you driven to despair?

  • Pulled from pillar to post, and overlooking essential things

  • Getting home too late.

  • Difficulty sleeping and recovering

The Distance learning PEP® will help you.

New challenges? Want to be more effective?

With PEP® you’ll go even further, even faster.

Efficient learner with ePEP

How can you get on top of everything?

  • Small investment – massive returns.

  • 15 minutes per day over three months.



  • To save hours every week

  • To be more in control of your job

  • To do more in less time, with less stress and more pleasure

How does the Distance Learning e-PEP® for individuals work?

  • You take an online evaluation in advance

  • 43 practical e-learning modules of 15 minutes each

  • Daily, concrete ways to use your learning

  • Personalized follow-up with a PEP® trainer who will help you to practice your skills via the e-learning platform, e-mails and telephone calls.

  • End-of training assessment.

How does the Distance Learning e-PEP® work for a team?

The e-PEP® formula for a remote team incorporates virtual classes in the form of web conferences or face-to-face meetings to create a blended learning solution tailored to your needs.

Distance Learning e-PEP® for teams


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Distance learning e PEP® program