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Vacation backlog – Part 1
5 June 2016

We all plan unconsciously whether we are aware of it or not. When you consciously make an effort to plan you know exactly where you stand.

This is the story of one my participants who never planned his holidays.

“If we planned our holidays we wouldn’t feel free. As soon as the holidays start (1), we take our bicycles (2) and leave with the wind blowing from behind (3). When we get hungry we eat and when the evening comes we set up our tent at the nearest camping. We never plan where we are going.”

I asked them if they turned around the when the wind changed direction. “Sure! We calculate (5) how many days it would take to bicycle back with the wind against us and then turn around at that time.”

I have labeled all the moments of planning with a number. (1) It is not possible to say to your boss that you’re going on holidays the next day. Also as an entrepreneur you cannot decide from one moment to the next that you are going on holiday and putting your clients on hold at the last minute.

The bicycle (2) should be serviced and prepared and you need to plan some time to get it done. Even though it might seem like you haven’t planned anything (3), it is still a sort of planning. You have visualized a route depending on the wind direction.

Then there is a tent which needs to be packed (4). That takes a minimal amount of planning and there is also backpack which needs to be packed. Did that get packed without planning?

The duration of the holiday was also planned (5).

Next week I will give you some examples on the benefits of planning and how we unconsciously plan our time.

Selma Mulder, PEP worldwide Holland

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